Email threats from Michael Van Andel and David price after exposing them

They threaten we will go to hell and jail for exposing them:

From: David Price <>
To: Manuel Manolache <>; sergiu manolache <>
Sent: Monday, 4 September 2017, 17:57

Manuel, you do realise that most of what you are posting is knowingly false. There is no moral basis to what you are doing, and it is undoutedly unlawful and criminal- perhaps you don;t care. Perhpas you hate your life so much that you don;t care about going to jail.

There is no circumstance under which we will pay you anything now. you can continue to do whatever you wish, nothing will result in further payment to you.

We have contacted both criminal and civil lawyers in Romania. All our efforts now will be based on taking legal action against you. Perhaps you think we were bluffing. You are simply lengthining the financial damage you will have to pay us, and your jail term.

If you think you will legally defend yourself and get out of this, you don;t know the law- we ahve already verified that your brahvious is criminal under Romanian law.

I don’t know why you think you are safe in Romania. The law will get you.

Also if you are a religious person, as you claim, you are buying a ticket to hell. There is no morality in what you are doing whatsoever.

Anyway continue what youa re doing, get the enjoyment out of trying to hurt us, and then we will be vindicated by the law. Everyone will be pleased to ahve you in jail.

David Price thinks we are ‘fucking idiots’ for asking to be paid according to the work we did:

And you are fucking idiots because the 90k in shares is over the $80k in value. But now you have a criminal claim against you to deal with because first thing Monday morning I’m going to the police. So let’s see if you have nothing to lose with a criminal extortion and theft proceedings against you. And there will be articles everywhere about this. Do you think our investors and users will care what you say when there are criminal proceedings against you.

On 3 Sep. 2017 9:05 pm, “David Price” <> wrote:

You have also stolen our intellectual property. This is theft. Another criminal offence.

On 3 Sep. 2017 8:49 pm, “David Price” <> wrote:

Sergiu this email constitutes extortion under the law of Australia and Romania. We will go to the police and you will go to jail.

You think you can play hardball. Let’s see how you cope with jail.

They threaten us with jail:

On Monday, September 4, 2017, David Price <> wrote:

Sergiu why should we buy shares from you. Under the terms of our employee share scheme under serious misconduct you would forfeit them. Your misconduct is already serious. Under the best case scenario for you if you back down we might let you keep them.

We are not negotiating with you. We are pursuing a criminal charge against you and the legal system will make a determination. Go ahead and give the police more evidence. Do all the things you threatened. We would love for you to make the criminal claim easier to prosecute.

By the way you and Manuel trying to extort $90k from us makes you the most immoral people I’ve ever met. You can’t call yourselves Christians. Also you just made the extortion claim much worse. A $90k extortion claim is dealt with much more seriously than $10k. I don’t see how you will stay out of jail.

Michael Van Andel “kindly” threatens we will lose everything we own in this or the next life. Michael Van Andel can go ahead into the next life and wait for us there to pay him back.

From: Michael Van Andel <>

Dear Sergiu

Thank you for your email and for clarifying what type of person you really are. When this whole dispute broke out (and I knew nothing about the final invoice you were querying), I thought that perhaps there was a misunderstanding between parties, and I was trying to avoid your having to go the route of taking civil action against us (or us against you). Now that you have threatened to take criminal conduct against the business, and against me personally through a smear campaign, and since you seem to desire to put yourself in the same category as Danielle and Alex, when you know full well that the latter almost destroyed Gather Online, it is far easier for me to know the right, and Christian course of action to take.

Firstly, with regard to your pursuit of criminal action over a civil matter of an executory contract (i.e. a contract where each party has terms, and there is dispute over whether those terms have been satisfied by the other party):

Your action(s) and threatened actions are sinful in the extreme, and given that your brother is an elder in the SDA congregation, and you claim to be a Christian, I believe that church discipline would be appropriate, and that your congregation has a right to know what type of people you are. Please see 1 Tim 5:19-21.

I am perfectly willing to let God be the judge and avenger between you and me, since my conscious is 100% clear in this matter. I am an investor in Gather and a director by virtue of the magnitude of my shareholding, but I am not the CEO. So I did my best to try to mediate on a matter where David and you were telling different stories, and where an independent reviewer said that you were over-invoicing based on work that was done (which means you are thief as well as a liar, and you have already indicated that you are vindictive). Should you wish to attack me personally when I did my best to be reasonable, then go ahead and act in that way. I will place my fate in the Lord’s hands.

If you go ahead and try to tarnish my reputation, and that of Gather Online, kindly note that whilst you say you have nothing to lose, you will in fact be liable for the following:

Any damages and/ or loss of value to Gather Shareholders will be personally recoverable from you and Adelin, so I sincerely hope that you don’t have any property, financial or moveable assets in your name. Whatever value you destroy will be recovered from you, whether in this life or in the next.

Please note that whilst you have threatened to unjustly tarnish my reputation, you have now gone on record showing that when there is a civil/ contractual dispute with you or your brother over work done, you are more than willing to sabotage client businesses. This would be similar to if I felt that my past employer didn’t pay my salary, I would be justified in burning down the building, and destroying the lives of others. I sincerely hope that neither you nor your brother intend to get programming work again, because I’m sure any future clients would like to know what type of people you are (and you have given evidence of this, so your own words can speak).

With regard to not having anything to lose, kindly note that since you are breaching the terms of ownership of Gather Online shares, and wish to destroy the company, you will probably not be entitled to keep any shares in the business if you go ahead with your planned course of action. David, kindly seek legal counsel on this aspect.

Kindly note that my old firm (Absa) was not involved in raising capital for Gather Online, neither did I even work in a capital-raising division. So go ahead and waste your time by contacting them, since in any event I had disclosed to them that I was investing in Gather Online in my private capacity, and the business had nothing to do with them. In any event I know longer work for the company, and Financial Services Firms are subject to keeping client and staff information confidential, so I hope you enjoy wasting time.

Whether you are men of your word, God alone knows. But let him judge between me and you as to who has taken the Christian route in this debate, and may each of us be rewarded according to our deeds. Clearly you are not a person of character, so if you take ungodly action against me, it won’t be the first time that someone has done this. I will not endorse your unchristian and criminal threats by giving in to your demands, irrespective of what threats you make.

Please note that all rights by Gather Online are now reserved, and our negotiation is officially over.

From a Christian perspective I have nothing else to say, except that you need to repent and be reconciled to God, instead of taking your own vengeance and living life in your own way (Romans 12:9-21; 1 Pet 2:1-8;11-25; 3:13-22).


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