More personal threats and lies from David Price

Because we didn’t answer back in a while, trying to put a case together, David Price is sending personal emails to my brother threatening him.
I wonder why he bothers to send us emails when he believes we are “
too stupid to understand”, as he puts it. Maybe he thinks calling us stupid a few more times will help us, we don’t know yet but we will definitely find out. 

Let’s see if his complete disregard for the law will help him save himself from going to prison. He has enough money stolen from investors to hire the best lawyers, we will see if all that money will be enough to transform their lies into truth. If anyone told me such liars existed I would have never believed them.

The only other person that comes to mind with such a nonchalant way of lying is Joel Osteen, but at least he invested his talent in something that can also help others, like building a church. 
There is also some uncanny physical resemblance between David Price and Joel Osteen, but maybe that’s just a coincidence, unless lying genes do exist and they can be traced back to physiological traits, in which case the words of Jesus from Luke 8:17 are coming true (like pastor Osteen would put it): Luke 8:18 17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated.


I call their look the: “I’m going to tell you everything it takes to take your money” look. 
On Tuesday, September 26, 2017 9:56 AM, David Price <> wrote:


You’ve broken at least 5 laws, many of them criminal and done hundreds of thousands of dollars damage to us.

Your only alternative option is to make an offer something like the settlement in our lawyers letter to you, and make an offer as such in the next 3 hours or we simply will simply proceed with our claims.
Even Google has found your actions defamatory under the law.
We have evidence against every claim of yours
What do you think happens to people that break multiple criminal laws, leave evidence for this, make prejudicial damage to a private company and leave a paper trail of this.
Maybe you are too stupid to understand what is about to happen, or maybe you are too unreasonable to care- it’s very unfortunate for you. As I said we offered you the grace of a final opportunity. We are happy to proceed legally given the grievous actions you have taken.

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