Updates about the GatherOnline Startup Scam – November 2017

1. How to buy truth for $12/hour
If you are in lack of truth but have money stolen from scammed investors and developers you might as well invest a part of it to buy some truth.
Here are the steps to follow (created and perfected by David Price and Michael Van Andel of GatherOnline):
– find some cheap freelance writes on Upwork, they don’t even have to be native english speakers because you will give them the content you want them to post about you. Example:

– give them the ‘truth’ you want them to post as articles all over the internet
– ask them to post it on as many websites as they can



– profit from the new cheaply bought truth you gained. Enjoy how your reputation increases and people are trusting you more and more. In case you need some more truth invest more money.
This is how you justify the hard earned money your victims gave to you, you must be a fool not to invest more.

2. All blog bans on blogger lifted by google after investigation. 
All the Google Blogger websites that were previously banned were re-enabled. The ban was automatically given by the system but after the claims were investigated the bans were removed.
The fact that the Google blogger websites were banned was used as an argument to coerce others into banning and not believing the facts and statements we made on this blog, this is obviously not the case anymore because after each claim was reviewed all bans were removed.

3. WordPress denied the request for the blog to be taken down
Wordpress didn’t buy into David Price and Michael Van Andel ‘sincerity’ and denied their request to take down the wordpress blog.


4. Seedrs added disclaimer targeting the GatherOnline situation

Seedrs changed their Terms And Conditions adding a disclaimer directly targeting the GatherOnline case so their backs are covered in case similar situations occur. They changed the Terms and Conditions so they can’t be held accountable for fake valuations or fake user statistics. I have attached 2 screenshots of the old terms and new terms so you can see that what they added was as a reaction to the GatherOnline case.

Here is one of the added paragraphs: “You should note that in the case of factual statements, the evidence we review is provided by the business, and we do not audit it, which means that we may not be able to identify forged or altered evidence. You should further note that in the case of aspirational statements, the nature of the type of businesses presented on the Seedrs platform is such that they are likely to have high ambitions, and we may approve statements that convey those ambitions even where we do not believe, or we do not have a view on whether it is likely, that they will be fully realised. The pre-money valuation and investment sought in the campaign are those set by the business: they are not reviewed or established by us, and the valuation is not an independent view of what the business is worth. Given the nature and type of businesses presented on the Seedrs platform, it is possible that the business has very little cash remaining prior to receiving this investment, and the investment sought may be necessary for the business’s on-going existence.”



5. We were contacted by the Financial Conduct Authority with the request to escalade the case to Action Fraud Police department


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